Enhancing Responsible Prescribing

In Spring 2022, AHDA launched a campaign to take a closer look at the prescribing process for POM-VPS products, with a particular focus on anthelmintic resistance.

A number of key industry groups and organisations are well aware of the challenge that anthelmintic resistance poses to farmers and the wider sheep industry, and have already put in place policies and procedures to manage this.

It is the responsibility of animal medicine prescribers, including AHDA members and their employees, i.e. RAMAs (SQPs), to provide accurate information on the correct combination of wormers to ensure resistance does not become a more prominent issue.

Therefore, with ‘a seat at the table’ on a national level, and the collective influence of its members, AHDA has set out a number of action points to improve animal health and welfare through managing resistance.

Working alongside other industry organisations and groups, AHDA aims to achieve five key areas of action:

  • Move from verbal prescription to written or recorded prescription
  • Compulsory anthelmintic resistance CPD taken within each two-year cycle for RAMAs (SQPs)
  • Make faecal egg counting a normal and essential process in the prescribing of anthelmintics
  • Focus on pack sizes to ensure they meet prescribing requirements
  • Aim to create a specific and active animal medicine plan for each flock/herd owner

The launch campaign document can be found here. A link to the recorded webinar is available here.

AMTRA has awarded 8 CPD points for the live launch and the same for the ongoing CPD module – with 6 of these points for the compulsory element.

A pre-recorded webinar is available NOW via the VBMS SQP Training Platform via this link. (RAMA’s will be required to sign in to view CPD material)

AHDA will continue to update this page with activity on the topic of anthelmintic resistance and responsible prescribing throughout the year.

If you have any questions about this campaign, please contact the AHDA office.