Companies that employ RAMA’s within their business are welcome to become members of AHDA.

A Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA) is the name AMTRA gives to those people formerly described as SQPs (Suitably Qualified Persons) by the Veterinary Medicines Regulations.

RAMA’s have an important role contributing to animal health and – in the case of farm livestock -farm profitability. They are entitled to prescribe and/or supply certain veterinary medicines under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations, whilst advising owners on their safe and effective use.

RAMA’s must act responsibly and professionally, adhering to the rules and regulations of an associated Code of Practice and thus are subject to strict disciplinary procedures.

RAMA’s must renew their membership of the governing body AMTRA annually, and are required to undertake ongoing CPD to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

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