AHDA an association drawn from animal health product distributors and producers across the UK and represents 90% of the POM-VPS (Prescription Only Medicine – Vet, Pharmacist and SQP) and NFA-VPS (Non Food Animal –Vet, Pharmacist, SQP) UK animal medicines market.

Typically these distributors stock and prescribe licensed animal medicines to livestock farmers, smallholders and companion animal owners by Registered Animal Medicine Advisors (RAMA), (SQP).

The overriding mission and purpose of AHDA is to support them in their role and to protect their right to sell and supply the range of prescription animal medicines not requiring veterinary diagnosis. AHDA represents business across the farm animal, companion animal and equine sectors.

Over the past few years, many animal health distributors have diversified their interests, allied to the roller coaster of livestock farming fortunes, to sell products for dogs, cats, horses and small pets. Many will sell a range of nutrition, supplement, healthcare and equipment products to complement animal medicine sales from retail stores coupled to a high level of personal service.

One of the battles AHDA has been at the forefront with is defending the right of distributor members to prescribe veterinary medicines. There was a threat within the EU that all veterinary medicines should only be prescribed through vets practices. If this was the case it would not only put specially trained individuals out of a job but foot fall through all of the distributor members would be drastically reduced as they would then not be selling 80% of the animal prescription only medicines. This in turn would impact on other sales through these outlets. AHDA has campaigned and lobbied within the EU corridors of power and fought to a successful conclusion.

AHDA hosts an annual conference in January
which is the industry showcase event, well supported
by distributor delegates across the UK and suppliers
support a large exhibition.
For more information please go to our Conference page.

Online Learning and Development
AHDA also supports businesses by holding both face to face CPD for RAMA (SQP) and by the online CPD.
For more information please go to our CPD Online Learning page.

AHDA has a board member place on the following:

• Responsible Use of Medicine in agriculture Alliance – RUMA

• Animal Medicine Regulatory Authority – AMTRA

AHDA is represented on the following bodies:

• Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep – SCOPS

• Control of Worms Sustainably – COWS

• Sheep health and welfare group – SHWAG

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