The Animal Health Distributors Association actively supports the UK multi channel distribution to prescribe and sell licensed animal medicines via our members.

Our members employ specially trained and qualified staff, Registered Animal Medicine Advisors (RAMAs) to prescribe animal medicines classified as available without a diagnosis requirement for large farm animals, companion animals and horses.’ As such we offer unrivalled availability, access and advice of an essential range of licensed animal medicines essential for the everyday health and welfare of animals.

  • Supporting RAMAs
  • Helping to promote responsible use
  • Raising the profile of RAMAs
  • Supporting professional prescribing
  • Working with policy makers and regulators

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Monday 19th September and Tuesday 20th September 2022.

Birmingham Hilton Metropole at the NEC.

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Animal Medicine Record Book

The animal medicine record book is a A5 size glossy weatherproof covered 52 page booklet. The 12 double page record keeping pages capture all the essential information required to meet legal obligations.


POM-VPS Prescription Pad

The POM – VPS prescription pad is A5 in size. These are in carbonised triplicate, with a white, blue and yellow copy for each prescription. This pads enables a prescriber to record all of the necessary information to complete a POM – VPS.

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